Clear Out Junk From Your Property

Get junk removal services from us in Blackwood or Cherry Hill, NJ

Do you have more junk than you know what to do with? Monopoly Property Solutions, LLC in Blackwood and Cherry Hill, NJ is here to help. With our junk removal services, you can finally get rid of all the junk that's taking up valuable space.

We can clear out junk from residential homes, estates and commercial properties. Our junk removal services are also available for hoarding cleanouts.

Free up space in your home or business by getting a junk removal service today.

Get rid of clutter once and for all

While junk can be anywhere, there are a few rooms where it tends to pile up the most. That's why we offer specific services for:

Basement cleanouts
Attic cleanouts
Shed cleanouts
Garage cleanouts

We can even clean junk out from storage units. Get in touch with us to schedule a basement, attic, shed or garage cleanout.