Monopoly Property Solutions

It is a promise to our clients that we will deliver mortgage field services efficiently, effectively, and at the highest level of quality.
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Our Services

Lawn Maintenance

Whether a vacant property is in pre- or post-foreclosure status, it must be well-maintained so that it does not detract from the neighborhood, create a public nuisance, or draw a code violation…..

Property Inspections

As a first line of defense, timely and accurate property inspections provide critical information about the condition and occupancy status of a property so that steps can be taken to secure and protect it…..

Board Up

During the course of a vacant property, weather related issues, criminal issues, or just unforeseen accidents can occur which will leave your property unsecured by a broken window or door…..

Property Preservation Services

We are dedicated to protecting and preserving vacant and abandoned properties to prevent them from becoming a nuisance to neighboring properties or bringing blight to communities.