Our Services


Furniture, trash, appliances, electronics, demolition/construction debris, vegetation, leaves, household junk, building materials, scrap metal, vehicles, boats, tires, carpets, and much more.

Debris Removal

Interior and exterior debris that creates a potential health, safety or infestation risk, or that may result in a code violation, is routinely removed from properties, both pre- and post-foreclosure. Once a property has gone through foreclosure, all debris inside and out, hazardous and non-hazardous will be removed. Interior debris is removed per investor guidelines, and exterior debris is taken to a licensed dumping facility. Personal items left in the property remain until clients provide specific instructions or a personal property eviction is ordered, generally once the property has moved through foreclosure.


Estates, houses, garages, attics, basements, sheds, barns, ware-houses, commercial buildings, storage’s, offices, pools, out-buildings, and much more.


Kitchens, bathrooms, walls, floors, sheds, barns, out buildings, garages, decks, hot tubs, pools, and much more..

Lawn Maintenance

Whether a vacant property is in pre- or post-foreclosure status, it must be well-maintained so that it does not detract from the neighborhood, create a public nuisance, or draw a code violation. All lawn maintenance is performed according to client instructions and investor guidelines. During lawn maintenance, properties are also checked to assure that they are secure. Maintenance includes: Mowing lawn, leaf removal, shrub and tree trimming, trimming vegetation off fences, trimming vegetation away from all structures, mulching, removing objects/and debris from lawn.

Property Inspections

As a first line of defense, timely and accurate property inspections provide critical information about the condition and occupancy status of a property so that steps can be taken to secure and protect it. Through early detection when issues and damages occur, properties sustain fewer and less severe damages, saving money and protecting their condition and value. We offer a full range of inspections, including exterior occupancy checks, contact attempts with door hangers, and full interior inspections.

Property Deep Cleaning

Properties that have been vacant for months or years, or who prior occupants were not of cleanliness can cause a serious health, safety, and sanitary issue. We will deep clean properties which include: Dust, wipe, sweep, mop, vacuum, scrub and clean the ENTIRE property as detailed as possible. This includes inside refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, cabinets, microwaves, base boards, walls, doors, windows, ceiling fans and more.

Board Up

During the course of a vacant property, weather related issues, criminal issues, or just unforeseen accidents can occur which will leave your property unsecured by a broken window or door. We can board up these openings with plywood or polycarbonate to help secure your property from any outside danger and protect the value of your asset.

Full Scope Repairs

REO properties often need extensive top to bottom repairs. We have a long history of returning these properties back into a home anyone can be proud of. We are licensed contractors, who have the knowledge, experience, and skills to complete requested repairs.


Professional fence installation provides curb appeal and safety; from fence repairs to complete installation. Reliable repair on time, done right, fast service, and quality workmanship. We use high quality materials at a reasonable price.

Real Estate Owned (REO) Maintenance

As the market for REO services has increased in the aftermath of the nation’s housing crisis, we are highly experienced in maintaining the REO assets of clients to protect the value and help improve the marketability of properties.

Previously, the task of maintaining REO properties had been left to real estate agents under contract to sell the property. However, separating the marketing and maintenance responsibilities allows real estate agents and field services companies to focus on what each does best. Real estate agents can focus on selling properties, and field services companies can focus on keeping the property maintained and secure.
Please contact us to learn more about our REO services, including initial cleaning, maintenance services, ongoing services and our repair and rehab services.